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SCRHL Players have Quick Access to Former
Medical Personnel of the Calgary Flames

What is the Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic?

The Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic is a clinic structured to assess patients with acute (new), recreational activity or sport related injuries within 24 to 72 hours following an injury.

What does this mean for SCRHL members?

Get in to see a Sport Medicine Doctor QUICKLY

Who is eligible to access?

Anyone over 13 years of age who has been injured in a sport or recreation activity within the last 6 weeks.

Mayfair:  6707 Elbow Drive SW, Phone 403-452-5757

Seton:  #129, 3815 Front Street SE, Phone 403-452-1316

Is there a cost?

NO DIRECT COSTS to patients. Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic visits, with a physician, are covered by Alberta Health Care.

Are there any other costs?

Your physician may prescribe therapy, bracing or other treatment services that are not covered by Alberta Health Care, but are often covered by extended health benefit plans.

Innovative Sport Medicine offers physiotherapy, bracing, athletic therapy, chiropractic and massage services, but patients are free to go to any facility of their choice for any prescribed treatment.  All SCRHL players are covered by CARHA insurance, so the insurance would help cover for the the aforementioned services.

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Dr. Kelly Brett, MD. Team Physician, Calgary Flames, 2001-2015. Team physician, Team Europe at the 2016 World Cup (Silver Medal)

Dr. Willem Meeuwisse, MD. Medical Director NHL. International Olympic Committee (IOC) Medical Commission. Team Physician, Calgary Flames, 1995-2001

Dr. Cory Wowk, MD. Team Physician, 2018 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship, Hockey Canada (Gold Medal).

Dr. Marcus Robinson, MD. Team Physician, Current, Calgary Stampeders, Hitmen and Roughnecks

Morris Boyer, Athletic Therapist: 2018 Olympic Games, Mens Hockey (Bronze Medal). Calgary Flames 1997-2015. IIHF World Championships Hockey Canada 2003 (Gold Medal), 2010, 2013. NHL All-Star game 2012.



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