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The SCRHL will be assessing monetary fines to full teams at a given game based on ALL of the following criteria being met:


1) Referee and/or Timekeeper report submitted at end of game indicating a sportsmanship rating of 0 (Lowest).


2) At least one team sportsmanship rating of the opposing team of 0 (Lowest).


3) Unsportsmanlike conduct collectively demonstrated by more than one player on a given team as per Referee and/or Timekeeper report.


50% of all team fines collected by the League Manager within each of the league's divisions will be added to each division's $100 Team Sportsmanship Award allocated to the most sportsmanlike team per division at the end of each season.


50% of the remaining team fines collected by the League Manager will be donated to KidsSport and the receipt received from KidsSport will be photographed and displayed on the league website / sent to each team captain.  KidsSport is a non-profit organization that provides funding to financially disadvantaged children who are unable to play in minor sports.
All team fines will be posted on the league website at detailing the infraction and fine assessed.

Fines will be $300 per team per game (equates to approximately $20 per player based on a 15-player rostered per team).  The fine must be paid by the team before their next scheduled game or the team will not play any SCRHL games until it is paid.  How the team collects the $300 to pay the fine to SCRHL league administration is left up to the team's decision (ie:  distributed equally among all players or weighted based on certain players).


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