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SCRHL Winter 2018 Half-Season Captains Meetings



Tue, Feb 6th, 2018, 8-9pm (M)



Blues: Grant Caswell

Huskies: Todd Davis


Black Adders: Danton Lalonde

Green Vipers: Tony Verna**(Winner of $100 Kildares Ale House Gift Card Raffle)

Red Devils: Grant Caswell

White Rams: Todd Davis



Core: Grant Caswell

Eagles: Danton Lalonde, Jeff Ball

Marksmen: Dan Jones

Warpigs: Zeke Pruitt

Team Ukraine: None

Hawks: Todd Davis

Bulls: Kevin Lodberg

Referees: Alex Chmilar, Cam Spielman, Danny Dahms
Timekeepers:  Bill Cash


Tue, Feb 13th, 2018, 8-9pm (E)



Iceholes:  Nick Crotty

Sabertooths:  Conrad Ginter

Red Army:  None

McKs:  Grant Caswell



Blackhawks:  Ryan Baynton, Mike Luzine
Cherry Poppers:  Scott Drummond, Stacey Drummond
Shake & Bake:  None
Grey Eagles:  Tyler Gratton, Andy McKnight
Grocery Sticks:   None   

Referees:  Davit Bernard
Timekeepers:   Bill Cash



1) Review general / sportsmanship / league disciplinary rules prior to the season and vote on any changes:

  • Review of recent incidents
  • Any recommendations for changes given recent incidents? 5-minute maximum wait after scheduled time of game start for teams to have goalie and players.  If less than 5 skaters + goalie are available (in dressing room / on the ice), then game default rules result.  If more than 5 skaters + goalie are available but they are mostly in the dressing room, then game starts with the team short players.

2) Referee / timekeeper feedback:
  • SCRHL Player / Referee Protocols should be followed every game (located 5th tab up on the left-hand side at
  • Sportsmanship ratings should be conveyed at the end of every game from a team captain to the timekeeper (Default rating of 3 is given)


3) Spare lists:

  • Spare lists are typically updated every Sunday by noon (Not before or after); No additional spares or player substitutions on Div 1M or Div 1E/team Div 2E rosters will be allowed from late February onward until the end of the season (in advance of playoffs)

4) Other:

  • Changes to multi-divisional registration discounts starting in Spring & Summer 2018

Discounts only for individual registrations in Div 2 and Div 3 (morning & evening)

No discounts for registrations in Div 1 (morning & evening)

EG: #1 -- If you register for Div 1M as at team and want to also play in Div 2M as an individual, then you will not receive a discount for Div 2M.

EG: #2 -- If you register for Div 1M as a team and want to also play in Div 2M, Div 2E, and Div 3M as an individual, then you would receive a discount for Div 2E and Div 3M.

  • Changes to team roster allowance of players for Div 1M and Div 1E starting in Spring & Summer 2018

Div 1 teams will be allowed to roster up to 28 players (27 skaters + goalies) on their teams as full-time, part-time, or internal team spares. Players in the same Div 1 division may also be listed on the roster of other Div 1 teams.

EG: In Div 1M, you could be listed on the Bulls roster, Core roster, and Eagles roster as a regular player. Conversely, in Div 1E, you could be listed on the Cherry Poppers roster and Blackhawks roster.

  • Changes to jersey rentals starting in Spring & Summer 2018

Jersey will no longer be rented with a 100% refundable deposit from the SCRHL for $20 per jersey. However, jerseys can continue to be purchased from the SCRHL from the SCRHL Store ( at $25 per jersey (GST included and number on the back included and chosen by player), but is a one-way transaction (no refunds).

Also, jerseys with different numbers and the same color will be mandatory following a two-week grace period at the beginning of each season, starting in the Spring & Summer 2018 Season. If players on a team in all divisions do not have the same color jersey (including spares) with a different jersey number (numbers taped on the back are not acceptable), then the team will incur a 6-0 default loss.  Team captains will be provided with five jerseys by the SCRHL for spare usage without charge.  However, these jerseys will need to be returned at the end of each season or the team captain will have to pay $20 per missing jersey to the SCRHL administration.

  • Spring & Summer 2018 Season Fees (Summer Season runs Apr 30th to Aug 31st, 2018)

Cost: $300 per skater individual (goalies play free, as always), $4300 per team

Due: March 16th, 2018

Rosters / Schedules Posted: March 23rd, 2018

Div 1M, 2M, & 3M: Same schedule as Fall & Winter (Mon-Fri)

Div 1E, 2E, & 3E: Same schedule as Fall & Winter (Fri only but maybe odd Sat games if odd-number of teams)

More Details: Home Page and Spring & Summer tab (2nd tab down on the left-hand side) at

  • 7th Annual KidSport Charity Tournament in April 2018 Fees (April 14th-15th, 2018)

Cost: $80 per skater individual (goalies play free, as always)

Due: March 31st, 2018

Rosters / Schedules Posted: April 7th, 2018

**Net proceeds donated to KidSport Calgary from registration fees & silent auction**

Details: 3 on 3 Tournament tab (3rd tab down on the left-hand side) at

  • SCRHL Store:  Jerseys, Socks, Pucks, Water Bottles, and Equipment Deodorizers

More product to purchase over the next few weeks. Purchase by credit card or PayPal.

Product Delivery to Cardel Rec South on mutually agreeable time.

  •  Fall & Winter 2018 Playoffs Update for Div 1E & Div 2E (Evening Divisions):
Shake & Bake in Div 1E requested to move back to Div 2E due to lopsided games.  However, given the few remaining games left in the regular season, no other Div 2E teams with whom to swap schedules, and the significant schedule changes required which would affect the other 8 teams in both divisions, Shake & Bake will remain in Div 2E for the remainder of the regular season.  However, their team will be placed in Div 2E for the playoff round.  As a result, Div 1E will have a 4-team playoff schedule and Div 2E will have a 5-team playoff schedule.


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Evening Div 1 (Advanced)
No Games Scheduled

Evening Div 2 (Intermed)
No Games Scheduled

Morning Div 1 (Advanced)
No Games Scheduled

Morning Div 2 (Intermed)
No Games Scheduled

Morning Div 3 (Beginner)
No Games Scheduled

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