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In the SCRHL, the opposing team captain and game referee will assess each team's sportsmanship based on a whole number rating system ranging from 0 to 3 points at the end of each regular season and playoff game.

Each of these two ratings for each team (one from the opposing team and one from the game referee) will be displayed for each team on the SCRHL website at following each game. The team with the highest cumulative sportsmanship rating in each division at the end of a regular season will receive a $100 Team Sportsmanship Award in the form of a pub gift card with a minimum $100 balance (100% of monetary fines collected for game misconducts and suspensions will be added to the $100 starting balance in each division throughout each season). If there is a tie among teams within a division, then the pub gift card will be shared equally among all teams.

The 3-point, whole number rating system structure is described below and used as a guideline for both the referee and opposing team when assessing a given team's sportsmanship following a game:

0 -- 10+ penalties incurred by a team, game misconducts / suspensions incurred by a team, excessive verbal abuse of players / officials, unenjoyable game

1 -- 5 to 9 penalties incurred by a team, some verbal abuse of players / officials, average game enjoyability
2 -- 1 to 4 penalties by a team, generally good sportsmanship exhibited with perhaps occasional comments made by a team (but not considered verbally abusive), enjoyable game

3 -- 0 penalties by a team, exceptional sportsmanship exhibited by a team on all levels, very enjoyable game

Each team captain will provide their rating of the opposing team to the timekeeper at the end of the game, who will then document it on the official score sheet.  The game referees and timekeeper will also come to an agreement regarding their rating of each team and document them on the official score sheet at the end of the game.

If a rating of 0 or 1 is assessed by the game referee / timekeeper and/or a team captain, then the League Manager will require additional details from the game referee, timekeeper, and/or team captain as shown below via e-mail to
1) Specific player jersey numbers of players involved
2) Actions of the corresponding players on the ice which would result in the rating
3) Actions of the referee in response to the players

If a team consistently receives ratings of 0 and 1 at games or a team / referee consistently gives ratings of 0 and 1 to other teams, then the League Manager will investigate the trend, determine if the ratings are valid, and ensure the suitability of a team's players and referee's continued participation in the SCRHL.

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Friday Evening Division
10:20 PM  -   GRTPLNS
10:30 PM  -   TRICO
10:35 PM  -   GRTPLNS

Morning Div 1 (Advanced)
No Games Scheduled

Morning Div 2 (Intermed)
No Games Scheduled

Morning Div 3 (Beginner)
6:30 AM  -   CARDLREC

Morning Shinny (Thurs)
No Games Scheduled

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